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If you are interested in booking me specifically for a wedding, please read the following.

Wedding Ceremony

I play the harp for approximately 3/4 hour to one hour. This includes:

  1. Background music for quarter of an hour while the guests are sitting down in the ceremony room.
  2. A suitable piece of music, not necessarily traditional or classical, is performed as the bride walks down the aisle.
  3. Two pieces of music during the signing of the register.
  4. A suitable piece of music as the bride and groom leave the room.
  5. Background music as the guests leave.

Wedding Reception

I perform a medley of music for two and a half hours. This allows for one hour of music during the drinks reception followed directly by one and a half hours during the meal.

Booking Options

You can book for:

  • the ceremony
  • ceremony and reception
  • ceremony and drinks reception
  • drinks reception
  • the reception

Booking Options

A 40 Watt amp can be provided if the wedding party contains more than 100 people or if the event is due to take place in a marquee.

Additional Charges

Extra time can be requested however an additional fee will be charged.

Petrol charges: For all functions there is a charge of 40p per mile on top of the performance fee. HOWEVER, the maximum charge will be £40 no matter the destination.

Other travel expenses: should the function take place on the Isle of Wight for example, the client will be required to pay for car ferry costs for the harpist.

Prices are available on request. Please contact me.

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