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Music for Funerals

The harp produces such a gentle, non-invasive tone that it is the perfect instrument for use at funerals. Danielle is able to provide music for the key parts of the service and will ensure that the repertoire is sympathetic to the ambience required.

Service provided:

£70 per funeral service (with £70 per each additional hour required, for example, for a wake following the service. No additional travel expenses charged).

The harps used:

Danielle owns several harps: a pedal harp, a Celtic harp (half the size of the pedal harp) and a therapy harp (small enough to sit on the lap).

Clients can choose, through discussion with Danielle, which harp would be most fitting for the funeral.

The harps are fully portable and can be played outside, for example at the graveside.  

The music provided:

As you would have noted from looking at the 'sample repertoire list' on this website, the music that Danielle can play is very varied.


Danielle will travel with her harp/s to any funeral location requested including woodland burial grounds.

To get further information or make a booking:

Please contact Danielle through the quick to use form found on the 'enquiries' page or by home/mobile phones.

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