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Music for Nursing Homes

Danielle has been successfully providing beautiful harp music in Nursing Home settings for the past ten years.

Service provided:

One hour performance for a fee of £60 (no additional charges).

Harps used:

Danielle owns several harps of differing sizes: two pedal harps, a Celtic harp (half the size of the pedal harps) and a therapy harp (small enough to sit on the lap).

The harps are very portable so music can be performed privately in resident's rooms should they be confined to their room or bed.

A popular request is that Danielle performs for half an hour in the main lounge and then provides music to residents in their rooms for the last half hour. Danielle spends around 10 minutes in each bedroom.

The benefits to residents:

The repertoire she performs to residents is varied and often extremely relaxing. At times the music can provoke an emotional response such as crying but this is generally perceived to be a positive experience. Music can trigger memories to surface that have long been supressed and residents have reported to enjoying this awakening within them. 

The unique tone that the harp creates is known to have therapeutic qualities. The resonance, particularly from the large concert harp, is both vibrant yet mellow and if played in close proximity to the residents within a traditional room setting bathes them in waves of sound. 

Danielle has regularly been advised by staff that certain residents with a tendency to fidget and wander have found peace through listening to the captivating sound of the harp. Observations have been made that these residents will remain seated for the duration of the performance.

Residents can be encouraged to participate should the home wish and can strum the therapy harp as this is light weight and doesn't overwhelm due to it's tiny stature.Should the residents appear receptive, Danielle asks questions about the music she is playing especially if recognisable. This aids memory and confidence building.

How to book:

Homes can contact Danielle through the quick to complete form on the 'enquiries' page or by home/mobile phones.

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